Seymours Transport

At Seymours Transport, our mission statement is "to deliver logistic solutions that exceed customer expectations through great customer service". We believe our experienced, down to earth and hands on team can deliver on this mission thus ensuring your satisfaction.

Our head office is located in Toogoolawah, a rural community in south east Queensland, and we have depots in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Taroom and Toogoolawah. No job is too big or too small for our team of dedicated and motivated staff!

Seymours Transport is a division of Seymours Pty. Ltd.; a truly family owned and operated company also responsible for Seymours Toyota in Toogoolawah.

Seymours Pty. Ltd. Company History

1924 - Seymours Pty. Ltd. was founded by Wilfred Seymour upon his return from national service. He took up the local blacksmith operation where he had originally served his apprenticeship. Our current head office and Toyota dealership still operate from this original site!

1929 - We started our association with heavy equipment when awarded an International Harvester agency; a relationship which continued for 55 years.

1968 - Our relationship with the trucking industry from the sales and service departments of the International Harvester agency facilitated the development of Seymours Transport. Used truck stock was put to work and the division has continued to grow ever since.